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Woodworks Buyer’s Guide

The Woodworks Buyer’s Guide Welcome to the South Bend Woodworks Buyer’s Guide. If you’ve found your way here you must be looking for some more info on our catalog here at South Bend Woodworks. To get you started, we’ve pulled three of our favorites to feature here today that we know you’ll love. The Wooden […]
Wooden Name Puzzle

Wooden Name Puzzles

Wooden Name Puzzles Here at South Bend Woodworks we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality kids Wooden Name Puzzles. We hand craft heirloom-quality, premium wood treasures that allow our customers to uniquely display their passion for their favorite school, or share lasting memories of childhood play with their loved ones. Our craftsmen maintain the […]

Kids Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

South Bend Woodworks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles South Bend Woodworks is excited to announce our recent release of our new custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles (click to shop!). Here at South Bend Woodworks we always pride ourselves with creating the highest quality wooden heirlooms and toys such as our Wooden Name Puzzles, Wooden Block Sets, and […]


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