Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Hello everyone. We are now approaching that special time of year again that we value so much at South Bend Woodworks. No matter what Holiday you and your family celebrate, The coming of winter and month of December seem to be a special time for all of us. Weather it is seeing […]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks As Thanksgiving is just around the corner in this whirlwind of a year, we wanted to take time to still give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. This year will undoubtedly be the most unusual Thanksgiving for most of us due to the fact that most people will not […]

November Update

November Update As we begin to get in to the cold season, and we are getting well in to November, we wanted to give you some updates from our end and our favorite things about this month. We hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks back the other week! As it is always nice to […]

Our Products

Our Products As we have touched throughout this blog, here at South Bend Woodworks we make a variety of wooden toys, heirlooms, and collegiate memorabilia. For having a more specific target group of products that we make, we think that we actually have more than you would except in our arsenal. If you check out […]

South Bend Woodworks- Why We Do It

South Bend Woodworks- Why We Do It Our Wood At South Bend Woodworks we only use wood and solutions for our customers, that we feel 100% confident are the top notch in quality and are chemical free. Each item in our delicately hand-carved Kids Collection is safety-tested by Underwriters Labs’ UL Verification Services and hand […]

Why Made in the USA Important

Why is Made in the USA Important? Our Process Here at South Bend Woodworks we pride ourselves on all of our materials and manufacturing being done right here in the USA. Our craftsmen take pride in every order that comes in, and approach each with the attention of a true artist. From the materials we […]

Parenting Blogs We Love

Parenting Blogs We Love South Bend Woodworks has been a place built off strong beliefs and a continued desire to improve. We understand the parenting can be difficult and everyone can use a helpful hand or an insightful pointer every once and awhile. We believe that when we find useful information or resources that can […]

Woodworks Buyer’s Guide

The Woodworks Buyer’s Guide Welcome to the South Bend Woodworks Buyer’s Guide. If you’ve found your way here you must be looking for some more info on our catalog here at South Bend Woodworks. To get you started, we’ve pulled three of our favorites to feature here today that we know you’ll love. The Wooden […]
Wooden Name Puzzle

Wooden Name Puzzles

Wooden Name Puzzles Here at South Bend Woodworks we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality kids Wooden Name Puzzles. We hand craft heirloom-quality, premium wood treasures that allow our customers to uniquely display their passion for their favorite school, or share lasting memories of childhood play with their loved ones. Our craftsmen maintain the […]

Kids Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

South Bend Woodworks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles South Bend Woodworks is excited to announce our recent release of our new custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles (click to shop!). Here at South Bend Woodworks we always pride ourselves with creating the highest quality wooden heirlooms and toys such as our Wooden Name Puzzles, Wooden Block Sets, and […]


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