The Midwest is famous for its hardwoods. In 1868, because of the quality of the hardwoods, Singer Sewing opened a cabinet factory in South Bend. Buick Automobiles manufactured wood dashboards in here in the early 1900’s. Many of our hardwoods are still grown and harvested in the Midwest and supplied by Johnson’s Lumber in Charlotte, Michigan.


Possibly the most beautiful of all the hardwoods. We use only the heartwood with its rich reddish brown hues. The graceful grain patterns complemented by the soft patina of our finish give our hardwood boxes a stunningly beautiful appearance.


A rare hardwood from the Midwest, Black Walnut is known for its beauty, strength and durability. By carefully selecting only first grade heartwood, we insure that the texture, grain and tones of the wood meet the high standards for our hardwood boxes.


Harvested in Michigan, Hard Midwestern Maple is also known as rock maple or sugar maple and can be found, because of its strength and density, in a variety of products from bowling pins to butcher block counters. We use only the highest grades of Hard Maple for its strength and consistent color and grain patterns.

For all of our hardwood boxes we use a single plank for each box, wrapping the grain around the four sides for a unique look.


This plywood is not your father’s plywood. Produced only in the Baltic regions of Europe, this product offers beauty combined with unrivaled strength, durability, clean joinery and superior screw holding. Each sheet is comprised of up to 13 layers of 1.5mm solid birch veneer, cross banded for strength, and resulting in void free panels, ideal for the stools and rockers we create.

Each item in our delicately hand-carved Kids Collection is safety-tested by Underwriters Labs’ UL Verification Services and hand painted with water soluble, non-toxic finishes.


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