Why Made in the USA Important

Why is Made in the USA Important?

Our Process

Here at South Bend Woodworks we pride ourselves on all of our materials and manufacturing being done right here in the USA. Our craftsmen take pride in every order that comes in, and approach each with the attention of a true artist. From the materials we source to the personalized manner in which we design, build, inspect and finish every piece, our mission is to create truly exceptional products. The plywood we use is not just any plywood. We selected specifically from the Baltic regions of Europe which ensures our products not only contain beauty, but the highest quality in wooden products as well. Each sheet is comprised of up to 13 layers of 1.5mm solid birch veneer, cross banded for strength, and resulting in void free panels, ideal for the stools and rockers we create.

Our main focus in making our products here in the US is not to produce as many as we can and boost our sales through the roof. Rather, to produce quality products that will last for generations to come. We hand craft heirloom-quality, premium wood treasures that allow our customers to uniquely display their passion for their favorite school, or share lasting memories of childhood play with their loved ones. Our craftsmen maintain the highest standards of production to create distinctive, vibrant products worthy of your fandom or family. We strive for quality craftsmanship with all our products.

The products that we make are built to last.

We take the time to build every product with the ultimate care and superior wood working methods to ensure decades of durability. Our fine-tuned, pocket construction allows individual wooden parts to nest together seamlessly, creating precise alignment that can withstand years of even the heaviest use. And before any product is put up for sale, it goes through rigorous testing (and retesting) to ensure it passes all regulation and compliance standards.

You can feel this commitment when you hold our products. The weight of quality wood. The precise lines. The smooth and vibrant paint. It all comes together to create products that will not only last generations, but that you’ll want to pass down for generations. The timeless integrity of our products is also heavily due to the superior quality of materials we source. We use a variety of premium wood types including American Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and cabinet-grade Baltic Birch. All of our wood is sustainably sourced in the Midwest and each piece inspected prior to reaching a craftsman’s hands.

Safety concerns with non-USA made products.

To start off we find it important that you know where your products come from. Especially those you are going to give to your infants or ones in the family that you care about. It is important to make sure chemicals and other additives to paint or wood are not present, especially with children who will put things in our around their mouths. In an ideal world, all toys would be safe for children. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Companies sourced from China have had countless issues with PVC and high amounts of lead found in their toys. Thus having to have them recalled which is never easy process. This constant issue of unsafe toys for children is a huge part of the reason that we always hold ourselves to the standard of being doubly sure that our products not only safe chemically (they are because we do not use high lead paint, etc.) but also to ensure everything we market is safe from being a choking hazard.

Why made in the USA is so Important

Buying American products not only ensures safety but also helps stimulate our economy and is beneficial to American jobs. As detailed before, US manufacturers are expected to hold higher standards in the areas of safety, education, and employee benefits. The US always holds higher labor standards. Many foreign countries that are known and popular for manufacturing good have no guarantee for workers rights. As many of you are working Americans, you know the importance of workers rights and fair labor laws in the works place. This is a big part of the reason we so strongly believe in making things in the US. To ensure no one making our products is being forced to work in unfair or unsafe conditions. When you purchase products that are made in the USA you can rest assured that you are not contributing to child labor, slavery, trafficking, or dangerous working conditions abroad.

Another important detail to keep in mind is when you are buying from the United States of America you are not only supporting our nation economy but local economies as well. Here in South Bend, Indiana we take pride in supporting our local economy. We hire people from the community who are unemployed due to disabilities or a crime background who are dedicated, hard working people, that just need another chance. We are a proud community in South Bend and nothing gives us more pride than giving back to the community that has given us so much. As America’s manufacturing ability is beginning to decline, we try our best to keep work that is still needed, here in America. This in turn will help keep you, your friends, and neighbors earning a living wage.

In conclusion we hope that the information we have provided in this blog post can be beneficial for you and others you may know who are purchasing goods from America or elsewhere. Buying American made goods helps support that future of our great nation, and ensures there will be a promising tomorrow for those in the manufacturing industry. The term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product for consumers. This will hold true for as long as companies like ours are continuing to make safe, quality goods for the people that we serve and care about. Finally, as we learn more about working conditions being unjust in other countries we strongly believe in keeping things fair, and paying employees correctly in our nation.

We hope that this information has been useful, and are excited to see you at the Woodworks!

Happy fall,

South Bend Woodworks