Woodworks Buyer’s Guide

The Woodworks Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the South Bend Woodworks Buyer’s Guide.

If you’ve found your way here you must be looking for some more info on our catalog here at South Bend Woodworks. To get you started, we’ve pulled three of our favorites to feature here today that we know you’ll love.

The Wooden Name Puzzle

The Hardwood Circle Stacker

The Hardwood Block Set

Here’s a rundown of these three bestsellers:

The Woodworks’ Wooden Name Puzzles

We didn’t start South Bend Woodworks with the Name Puzzle in mind, but if we had known how many we’d come to make, we might’ve just named ourselves South Bend Puzzle.

The Wooden Name Puzzles we make are some of the best toys for a young child available. For an infant, their Puzzle starts as a shape. It’s something to hold and feel as they learn how to grasp and grip the letters.

Then it’s a color, a letter, and finally their own name. Our Name Puzzles are so well suited to the development of your child, it’s one that we’d put it up against any toy on the market. But more than that, it’s a personalized gift for the newest addition to the family.

We make all kinds of name puzzles. If you are looking for a personal gift for a new member of the family, look no further.

The Hardwood Circle Stacker

One of the more recent additions to our product line, the Hardwood Circle Stacker is a fan favorite.

We love making them, because here at South Bend Woodworks, we love any chance to work with beautiful hardwoods.

Made from maple, cherry, and walnut, the Hardwood Circle Stacker is a gorgeous take on a classic children’s toy.

But this isn’t just nice to look at! Like any toy from South Bend Woodworks, we made the Hardwood Circle Stacker with your child’s development in mind. 100% Organic and finished with an all natural Jojoba Oil, the Hardwood Circle Stacker is a great gift for the eco-friendly family in your life!

The stacking set is approximately 5 inches tall. Each ring has a hole with a diameter of ~1 inch. The base diameter is 5.5 inches and each succeeding ring is 1/2 inch smaller. The top ring is ~3 inches in diameter.


The entire set is 1 lb, 8 oz.  The rings vary in size and weight.  The  smallest ring is 1.5 oz and the largest ring is 4.5 oz.


The Hardwood Block Set

Now we are usually pretty modest here at South Bend Woodworks, it’s just who we are. But if we can be honest, the Hardwood Block Set is one we love to brag about.

Made from our favorite Maple, Cherry, and Walnut Hardwoods, this Block Set is another classic children’s toy. It’s a callback to a different era, and here at the Woodworks we love to capture the best of our own childhoods and bring them to kids here and now.

The Hardwood Block Set is a permission slip for creativity and imagination that is so important for young kids. No screens, no buttons, and no electronics, just good old fashioned imaginative play!

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