Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello everyone. We are now approaching that special time of year again that we value so much at South Bend Woodworks. No matter what Holiday you and your family celebrate, The coming of winter and month of December seem to be a special time for all of us. Weather it is seeing the festive lights all around, or seeing that first snow of the year. This month just seems to be special in our opinion.

We wanted to take this last blog post of the year to wish you all a very happy holiday season. With that being said, the holidays are a time of gift giving. So, we decided to send out our buyer’s guide again and give a little more background of all of our products so you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.


We have currently stopped taking orders for the holidays. Thank you all so much for the support of South Bend Woodworks!

We will be back in the New Year!

Wooden Name Puzzles

Here at South Bend Woodworks we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality kids Wooden Name Puzzles. We hand craft heirloom-quality, premium wood treasures that allow our customers to uniquely display their passion for their favorite school, or share lasting memories of childhood play with their loved ones. Our craftsmen maintain the highest standards of production to create distinctive, vibrant products worthy of your fandom or family. We strive for quality craftsmanship with all our products. When it comes to our wooden name puzzles we take time to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Why is it a great gift?

The Wooden Name Puzzle is a timeless gift. It is something special that can be cherished for years. These are great for kids learning how to spell their names, or for older children, something they can hang out to for sentimental value or simply put on display in their room. These are great gifts for an original piece that we believe every child should have!

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

This year South Bend Woodworks released our newest addition to our collection, wooden jigsaw puzzles. Here at South Bend Woodworks we always pride ourselves with creating the highest quality wooden heirlooms and toys such as our Wooden Name Puzzles, Wooden Block Sets, and as of recently our Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

Each of these puzzles and their unique designs are all created by one of our artists in house. These bright puzzles are designed to be enjoyed by kids and adults! Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are all made from high quality wood and laser cut. The 100 piece kids jigsaw puzzles feature a finished size of 8×12 inches. Whereas our more advanced 500+ piece puzzles have a finished size of 17.5×13 inches.

All of our puzzles feature high gloss, perfectly locking vibrant pieces and packaging.Our jigsaw puzzles also feature unique pieces “whimsy pieces” that relate to each puzzle. As you can see in the photos below, the whimsy pieces make for a fun addition to each of our puzzles! Each one of our puzzles made with whimsy pieces creates art within a piece of art and is perfect for either building and taking a part, or hung up on the wall as art when the time is right. Puzzles pieces, especially with intricate shapes, can be easily broken if handled the wrong way. We suggest a little Elmer’s or any kind of wood glue to put those damaged pieces back together.

Why are these great gifts?

We think its obvious, everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle! Whether you are shopping for a young kid or someone older, we have different piece numbers for everyone on your list. With the recent events of COVID and the fact that people are indoors more in the winter, this is the perfect time to crack open a new jigsaw puzzle!

Hard Wood Circle Stacker

Our Hard Wood Circle Stacker is a fan favorite. Made from maple, cherry, and walnut, the Hardwood Circle Stacker is a gorgeous take on a classic children’s toy. But this isn’t just nice to look at! Like any toy from South Bend Woodworks, we made the Hardwood Circle Stacker with your child’s development in mind. 100% Organic and finished with an all natural Jojoba Oil, the Hardwood Circle Stacker is a great gift for the eco-friendly family in your life!

Hard Wood Block Set

The hardwood block set is another one of our absolute favorites, and our fans favorites as well! Made from our favorite Maple, Cherry, and Walnut Hardwoods, this Block Set is another classic children’s toy. It’s a callback to a different era, and here at the Woodworks we love to capture the best of our own childhoods and bring them to kids here and now. The Hardwood Block Set is a permission slip for creativity and imagination that is so important for young kids. No screens, no buttons, and no electronics, just good old fashioned imaginative play!

Our Brand New Cutting Boards

To end off our list we wanted to share with you our latest product you may not have heard of, the wooden cutting boards. As most of our products are for the younger generations, this is a perfect gift for someone older on your list.