At South Bend Woodworks, it is extremely important for us to create products with the specific user and community in mind. That is why we have specifically partnered with members of the Deaf community at Sweet Signshine to develop these products. We are honored to be partnering with them and to develop products for the Deaf community. As they would say, stronger communication helps us build stronger communities!

We are a family owned and operated business, and we’re dedicated to creating quality, fun, and safe products you can enjoy with your family and friends. What’s more important than making memories with loved ones!

We are a part of the Deaf community and we value ASL as not only a fun way to build the foundations of language for little ones, but as our primary means of communication. Stronger communication helps us build stronger communities!

As Deaf parents, when we had our son Luke, we knew we’d want to teach him to sign as soon as possible. How do we learn best? Through play! That’s why we created our wooden ASL Puzzles. While we’re putting each puzzle piece into place, the bigger picture becomes clearer and clearer! We love our language! We’ve shared it with our son, and now we want to share it with YOU!