Notre Dame Fight Song Cutting Board



Our University of Notre Dame Cutting Boards are hand crafted in a variety of the finest hardwoods. Our flatsawn hardwood cutting boards come in both cherry and maple hardwoods and serves a dual purpose as both cutting board and serving tray. The top side has a carved juice groove for carving, and the flat bottom side makes a fine serving tray. Our maple version has a distinctive walnut stripe to set it apart, adding a touch of color. This square wood cutting board features the Notre Dame fight song along the edges.

Each board can be personalized in a unique way to better fit your spirit of the Fighting Irish. While almost too beautiful to use, this line of cutting boards meets the demands of modern day entertaining.

14.75 L x 10.938 W x 1.5 H

Gift wrapping available!

Proudly made in South Bend, Indiana U.S.A.


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