Lil’ Helper Wooden Step Stool (5 Colors)


  • Dimensions: 25” long x 14” wide x 13.25” tall
  • Available in five color variations: planetarium blue, dark green, gumball red, impatiens petal pink, and primary red & blue
  • kid-safe paint
  • Fully safety tested by a division of Underwriters Labs
  • Ships fully assembled
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Everyone needs a lil’ help now and then, even us grown-ups!  But specially made for the age-challenged—those of us to whom the world is still oddly large—there is help in the form of an additional boost from South Bend Woodworks!  While most things around the house are not so favorably kid-sized, children can now reach to new heights with a step up sized just for them: The Lil’ Helper Wooden Step Stool!

Sometimes just reaching the sink to wash your hands is a challenge—preventing you from singing “Happy Birthday” all the way through twice like we’re supposed to—but the kids’ furniture solution you need is here to the rescue!  No longer can you use that excuse—er—will you be prevented from meeting your parents’ demands!  You can reach the faucet, your toothbrush, get your own glass of water, and even that jar with the chocolate chip cookies or…where the fresh vegetables are in the fridge, ahem.

Encourage independence in your toddler with a do-it-yourself solution to all sorts of their most frequent wants and needs.  Savor the moment, pretty soon they’ll be off to college.


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