Kids Pull-Along Wood Wagon (3 Colors)


  • Dimensions: 17” long x 13” wide x 7” tall
  • Available in three color variations: green, red, and navy blue
  • Water-based, kid-safe finish
  • Fully tested by a division of Underwriters Labs
  • Ships fully assembled


Designed with creativity in mind, the Pull-Along Wood Wagon is perfect for hands-on and on-the-go play as your young one explores the world around them: all the places they can go with a way to move their precious finds and favorite stuffed friends along with them.  Great for toddlers and up, this kids’ wagon serves both as a convenient storage space for your child’s other toys when tucked away for tomorrow as well as an easy way for your young one to keep all their treasures with them as they move from one adventure to the next.

Towable with the assistance of a small yellow duck at the end of the pull-along string, the symbol of our commitment to family and fostering imaginative childhood fun, this thoughtfully crafted kids’ wagon will roll through formidable wooden halls, enchanting carpeted expanses, and through vast wastelands of linoleum for years to come!

And when at the end of the day all that remains of the day’s bold feats is scattered toys haphazardly littering the floor, the pull-along wagon sweeps in to rescue and recycle, keeping all the essential escapade equipment safe for another day of exciting exploits!


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