Kids Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

South Bend Woodworks Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

South Bend Woodworks is excited to announce our recent release of our new custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles (click to shop!). Here at South Bend Woodworks we always pride ourselves with creating the highest quality wooden heirlooms and toys such as our Wooden Name Puzzles, Wooden Block Sets, and as of recently our Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles.

Our Wooden Puzzles

Each of these puzzles and their unique designs are all created by one of our artists in house. These bright puzzles are designed to be enjoyed by kids and adults! Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are all made from high quality wood and laser cut. The 100 piece kids jigsaw puzzles feature a finished size of 8×12 inches. Whereas our more advanced 500+ piece puzzles have a finished size of 17.5×13 inches.

All of our puzzles feature high gloss, perfectly locking vibrant pieces and packaging.Our jigsaw puzzles also feature unique pieces “whimsy pieces” that relate to each puzzle. As you can see in the photos below, the whimsy pieces make for a fun addition to each of our puzzles! Each one of our puzzles made with whimsy pieces creates art within a piece of art and is perfect for either building and taking a part, or hung up on the wall as art when the time is right. Puzzles pieces, especially with intricate shapes, can be easily broken if handled the wrong way. We suggest a little Elmer’s or any kind of wood glue to put those damaged pieces back together.

Why Puzzles are Important for Kids

Outside of being beautiful works of art kids completing jigsaw puzzles can benefit them in many different ways. Little ones learn spatial reasoning, develop hand-eye coordination, and can improve motor skills. Jigsaw puzzles teach kids to stay focused on completing a task for a certain amount of time. Puzzles also offer children a sense of satisfaction when they complete a section or and entire puzzles. This can be incredibly calming and allow them to be productive and constructive in a way that has no rules or instructions, children can complete them at their own pace.


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